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Biausevu Waterfall, Fiji
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Biausevu Waterfall Tour (Sigatoka Fiji)- 2024

Welcome to the Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji, where the beauty of Fiji’s natural wonders catches before your eyes. Join us as we step into the heart of lush rainforests, flowing waterfalls, and rich cultural traditions. From the moment you step onto our tour, you’ll be enveloped in the peacefulness of Fiji’s landscapes and immersed in the warmth of its hospitality. Come along as we explore the hidden gem of Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji, a place of beauty and unforgettable experiences.

Introduction: Discovering Fiji’s Hidden Gem

Nestled within the large forests of Fiji lies Biausevu Waterfall, a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Our Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji offers an exclusive opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature in its purest form. With its crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation, and serene atmosphere, Biausevu Waterfall Fiji promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Fiji’s natural beauty.

Hotel Transfer: A Perfect Start to Your Adventure

Your journey to Biausevu Waterfall Fiji begins with a convenient hotel transfer, where our friendly guides will greet you with warm smiles and welcoming arms. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic drive as we make our way to the waterfall. Along the way, soak in the sights of Fiji’s picturesque landscapes, from rolling hills to lush valleys, as anticipation for the adventure ahead begins to build.

Arrival at Biausevu: A Warm Welcome Awaits

As we arrive at Biausevu, you’ll be greeted by the peaceful sounds of nature and the refreshing breath of the rainforest. Take a moment to pause and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this natural oasis. Our guides will lead you through the lush foliage, along winding paths lined with vibrant flora, as we make our way towards the majestic Biausevu Waterfall Fiji.

Kava Ceremony: Hug The Fijian Culture

Before exploring on our trip to the Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji, we’ll take part in a traditional Fijian kava ceremony, a time-honored ritual that symbolizes friendship, unity, and hospitality. Gather around the kava bowl as our local hosts prepare this sacred drink, made from the roots of the Yaqona plant.

Trip to Biausevu Waterfall Fiji: A Journey into Nature’s Wonder

With spirits lifted and hearts full, we’ll begin our trip to Biausevu Waterfall Fiji, guided by the gentle sounds of flowing water and the rustling of leaves overhead. The trail winds its way through dense rainforest, offering glimpses of exotic flora and fauna along the way. Listen to the symphony of birdcalls and the chatter of wildlife as we step deeper into nature’s wonder, each step bringing us closer to our destination.

Arrival at Biausevu Waterfall Fiji: A Display of Natural Beauty

As we approach Biausevu Waterfall Fiji, prepare to be charmed by its sheer beauty. The cascade tumbles gracefully from rocky cliffs above, forming a pristine pool below where the water shimmers in the sunlight. Take a moment to pause and soak in the awe-inspiring sight before you, feeling the cool mist on your skin and the rush of adrenaline in your veins.

Swimming and Relaxation: Refresh Your Body and Soul

After marveling at the beauty of Biausevu Waterfall Fiji, it’s time to cool off and unwind in the crystal-clear waters of its pool. Take a refreshing dip, feel the refreshed hug of nature’s elements, and let all your worries wash away.

Light Lunch: Savoring the Flavors of Fiji

After working up an appetite with our adventure to Biausevu Waterfall Fiji, we’ll enjoy a delicious light lunch prepared by our hosts. Feast on an array of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Fijian cuisine. From tropical fruits to savory snacks, our lunch spread is sure to satisfy your appetite and leave you feeling energized for the journey ahead.

Reflection and Departure: Cherishing Memories Made

As our time at Biausevu Waterfall Fiji comes to an end, take a moment to reflect on the beauty and serenity of this magical place. Capture a few final snapshots of the waterfall’s flowing beauty, and imprint the memories of this unforgettable experience into your heart.

In conclusion, the Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji offers a unique opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of Fiji’s landscapes and immerse yourself in the beauty of its natural wonders. So come, escape to paradise, and let the beauty of Biausevu Waterfall Fiji charm your heart and soul on this remarkable journey.


  • Hotel return transfers
  • Welcome 'Kava' Ceremony @biausevu Village Hall
  • Trekk to the Fall (30mins each way)
  • Light lunch (sandwiches,seasonal fruits)
  • Back to the hotel


0 - 3 hours



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Biausevu Waterfall, Fiji


(3 reviews)
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Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji
Xavier Rodriguez

Tranquil Escape

The Biausevu Waterfall Tour offered a tranquil escape into Fiji's natural wonders. Surrounded by lush greenery, the waterfall's serene cascade provided a peaceful sanctuary. Swimming in the cool pool beneath was a rejuvenating experience. Highly recommend for those seeking serenity.
Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji
Isabella Clarke

Great Trip!

Embarking on the Biausevu Waterfall Tour was like stepping into nature's symphony. The breathtaking beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding rainforest created a harmonious melody for the senses. A must-experience for anyone seeking tranquility amidst Fiji's landscapes.
Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji
Lou Andersen

Our vacation can't be more better than this!

Overall, A very good experience. Via was an amazing tour guide. The team, Bill and Our bus driver James were very friendly and told us heaps about Fiji. The cannibal caves were very interesting and a fun experience! I would have said cloud 9 was my favourite until the last day when we did the school, village and cannibal cave tour and that ended up being my most memorable day.

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From: AU$199
5 (3 Reviews)


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